Following the recent measures imposed by the government in relation to COVID-19 / Coronavirus we are working hard to adapt processes to continue to be of service. We are in the main able to work and act remotely and we intend to stay fully active during this time of need to support you as we always have. Please be aware that:
•            the office, while operational, is closed to visitors.
•            calls to our office have been redirected but will be answered during office hours.
•            Post is being opened and scanned every day, and this will continue while postal services 
             are available.
•            Emails and all electronic avenues are available to you, please feel free to use any means that suits you to contact us, but when dealing with advice or documents please can we request that emails are used as a preference.
If you want to contact any for us personally please email us in the first instance:
Mark      mark.chiva@haverfords.co.uk
Kat         kat.chiva@haverfords.co.uk
Iwona     iwona@haverfords.co.uk
Anna      anna@haverfords.co.uk

We are wishing all our customers to stay safe and healthy.

The Haverfords Team
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