Haverfords Team is set up to work from home.

Mortgage Payment Holidays confirmed by High Street lenders,

Mortgage payment holidays confirmed by many lenders

COVID 19 - 17 March 2020 update: WE ARE STILL OPEN

Haverfords remains fully operational and staff is safely tucked up at home

Help to Buy – Help to Stay

As the fifth anniversary of the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme approaches, borrowers who used the government backed programme for the first time buyers will have to consider their options and make some tough financial decisions.

Would you ask your parents to do it?

Test on advising clients nearing retirement... So many of my clients had no idea about the not-so-recent changes to Britain’s pension system and how to ensure that they are benefiting from them. The new flexibility means that the lucky owner of a pension fund can access a lump sum, decide when to...
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