Lowest Rated Mortgage Deals are Not always the cheapest…

Recent article in FT Adviser brought this subject back to our daily office discussions. Nowadays, clients come to see us with certain expectations, often after conducting their own research on line or after seeing media adverts. Some will compare their deal with those of a friend or a neighbour and...

Change of rules for BTL mortgages 1st of April 2018

From 1 April 2018, new Energy Efficiency Regulations (EPC) are being introduced in an effort to reduce energy costs for tenants and improve the energy efficiency of Buy to Let properties.

Golden Medal for Mortgage Brokers

Chocolate medals for mortgage brokers from Virgin Money! Oh yes, they will come handy on those long winter evenings! Or might just be eaten by the kids! Thank you Virgin Money!


Record low interest rates on remortgages available in the market today, with legal costs covered by the lender and free valuation may not be here to stay for much longer.

Lamborghinis in Retirement

Becoming an owner of a Lamborghini is a real possibility under the new pension rules. This light hearted prediction by the pensions minister Steve Webb, that retirees would be blowing their retirement savings on expensive toys, has not really materialised. Judging from experience and conversations I...
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